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Product Liability Claims – The Case of the Exploding Headphones

Product Liability Claims – The Case of the Exploding Headphones

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Product Liability claims are one of the important areas of personal injury law.  If a defect in the design or manufacturing of a product causes an injury, typically the company that made the product will be held liable for the damages.  In this exploding headphones case, it is pretty obvious that anyone should be able to use headphones without having them catch fire and cause skin burns and other damage.  The company involved will likely step in to cover medical costs, lost wages, and provide additional compensation for pain and suffering.  They’ll also take a closer look at what caused the fire and possibly issue a recall if a design flaw is found.

Unfortunately, we see these kinds of product liability cases all the time.  There are always flaws in any manufacturing process, and those flaws will affect a limited portion of the product line.  Sometimes, though, an underlying design flaw can be more widespread, affecting an entire product line (as in the case of the recent Samsung Galaxy 7 recall).  

When Burnett & Williams takes on product liability cases, attorney Donald Culkin is always a key part of the team.  In addition to his 20 years of experience in personal injury law, Don has a degree in mechanical engineering and 6 years of practice in the field.  His combined knowledge of product liability law and engineering help serve our clients with the highest level of specialized representation.  If you suspect you have been seriously injured because of flawed product, and you are running into difficulties with the insurance claim process, call us anytime for a no-fee consultation.