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Power, Sexual Assault, and Personal Injury

Power, Sexual Assault, and Personal Injury

Coming forward is arguably the most difficult thing to do, but future potential victims of sexual assault are depending on the courage of current survivors, AND the determination of the justice system.

<span style=font size 12px>Jeffrey Epstein is a registered sex offender He pled guilty and was convicted in a Florida state court in 2008 He was arrested a second time on July 6 2019 on federal charges for sex trafficking of minors He was denied bail due to dangerousness at a hearing on July 18 2019<span><br><span style=font size 12px>Illustration composition Burnett Williams | Prison cell TaraPatta Shutterstockcom | Mug shot Jeffrey Epstein July 25 2013 Florida public record<span>

We handle all kinds of difficult injury cases, but few of them are more personally devastating than the serious sexual assault cases we’ve seen over the years. In a sexual assault case, the victim is almost always at a power disadvantage — physically, emotionally, and sometimes financially. It is always a struggle to change that power dynamic, even after the perpetrator is caught.

Recent news about sex trafficking charges brought against billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein are just the latest reminder of how common it is for people in power to take advantage of their position, and how difficult it is for victims to get true justice. In sexual assault cases, like many areas of injury law, justice can be pursued on two legal tracks: criminal and civil, and it looks like Mr. Epstein’s alleged victims may have the opportunity to balance the scales on both of those tracks.

In the criminal system, government attorneys can prosecute a perpetrator for sex offenses that have criminal penalties attached, typically including jail time. In the civil system, attorneys representing the victim seek damages in the form of compensation from the perpetrator.

All of our personal injury law work on behalf of clients takes place on this civil side of the legal system, but many of our top attorneys have experience on the criminal side as well. Attorney Jonathan B. Slater in our Orange, Virginia, office focused heavily on women’s assault cases when he worked as the Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Culpeper, Virginia, prosecuting a number of high-profile cases. Jon’s legal expertise in this area, and his sensitivity to the emotional impact on the victims, make him an enormous asset to our clients in handling a broad range of sexual assault cases, from childhood victims, to domestic assaults, to workplace harassment.

We know that it is never easy for victims of sexual assault to confront their perpetrators and seek full accountability. But if you have suffered sexual assault in your life and you’d like to explore options for seeking justice, we want you to know that you can potentially put one of Virginia’s most experienced and successful personal injury law firms on your side. Give us a call anytime for a no-fee consultation. In Central Virginia: 540-406-1507; in greater Richmond: 804-794-0080; and in Northern Virginia: 703-777-1650.