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Burnett and Williams has served clients and Virginia communities for over 40 years. In our blog, we share articles about important issues of personal injury law and community news. We welcome comments and questions!

open book with text Black History month

Celebrating Black History Month

There are lots of opportunities across the Commonwealth this month to celebrate and learn more about African American culture and history. All across the country this month, communities are celebrating the achievements of Black Americans, and participating in events to…

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A package with a wooden heart tab

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Here are a few ideas that will help you WOW your Valentine!   Gift for Valentine day, wooden heart With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many of us are looking for ways to show our special someone just how much they mean…

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Virginia Updates Its Reckless Driving Threshold Law

Driving over the speed limit can have more serious legal consequences than you might think! Blurred road and car, speed motion background In Virginia, there have long been serious legal consequences for speed-related reckless driving, but even so, many people…

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Martin Luther King Portrait

A Day of Service in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The time is always right to do what is right.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., March 31, 1968 Each year, on the third Monday in January, we celebrate and honor the life and legacy of the great Dr. King with…

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A New Cell Phone Law to Ring in 2021

WIth a new year comes a new Virginia state law requiring phone calls behind the wheel to be hands-free. Welcome, 2021! A new year tends to bring with it the promise of a fresh start, an opportunity to reflect, and…

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Good-bye 2020

In the practice of personal injury law, it is legitimate to say that every week is a tough week. We are always helping people get through some of the most difficult times in their lives -- dealing with car accident…

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Brandy Alexander cocktail drink with holiday decor

Holiday Spin on a Classic Drink

It’s no secret that this has been a challenging year.  We wanted to share a delicious holiday drink that may help you spread some holiday cheer! The Brandy Alexander is a drink that was popular in the 1930’s-1970’s.  The cocktail,…

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Traffic on major road at night

Driving Safety This Holiday Season

This past year Virginia was the 5th most dangerous state for drivers, so be sure to do all you can to stay safe behind the wheel!    For many of us, these past 9 months of Covid-19 shut-downs and restrictions have…

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