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Burnett and Williams has served clients and Virginia communities for over 40 years. In our blog, we share articles about important issues of personal injury law and community news. We welcome comments and questions!

Cars Driving on Highway/ Freeway

Slow in the Fast Lane: Left Lane Bandits

Ever been stuck behind a driver dawdling in the passing lane? Not only is it infuriating, but in Virginia it’s against the law. It’s happened to all of us: you’re cruising along the highway in the left-hand lane when you…

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Baseball Season is Here!

There are lots of ways baseball fans can enjoy the sport this year. Summer is almost here, and baseball season is already in full swing. Parents all over Virginia — from Culpepper to Leesburg to Charlottesville and beyond — are…

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People Wearing COVID maks in a line

More Vaccinated Virginians Means Less Wait for a DMV Appointment

As more and more Virginians receive their Covid-19 vaccine shots, the DMV is ramping up the availability of its services. Virginia is swiftly closing in on an impressive milestone: nearly 70% of residents have already received their first Covid-19 vaccination…

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BBQ ribs and vegetables on the grill

Grill Safety

It’s that time of year again. Memorial Day weekend, for many Virginia residents, represents the start of grilling season. Whether you use gas or charcoal, it is important to keep you and your guests safe this summer with a few…

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Gas pumps at a gas station

Gas Price Gouging

What to do if you think a business is price gouging the cost of fuel. Here in Virginia, we’ve been seeing long lines at the gas pump ever since the recent Colonial Pipeline hack disrupted the flow of fuel supplies…

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man using hand drill

Home Improvement Safety

Warmer weather often brings home improvement projects and, unfortunately, renovation-related injuries. Have you been planning some springtime improvements or maintenance for your home? And is this work you’re perhaps thinking of tackling yourself? For many of us, being at home…

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gavel with bundles of money

Your Case is About to Settle, Now What?

What is the smartest way to be sure your settlement money is used wisely? Congratulations, you’re in the process of settling your personal injury case! And while this may feel like the satisfying end of a long road for you,…

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Driver paying toll attendant

Toll Increases

Some toll increases are coming on the Dulles Greenway in Loudoun County. Over the next 18 months in Loudoun County, drivers on the Dulles Greenway are going to see increases in their off-peak tolls. This 14-mile stretch of road is…

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