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Burnett and Williams has served clients and Virginia communities for over 40 years. In our blog, we share articles about important issues of personal injury law and community news. We welcome comments and questions!

Elderly driver unlocking car door

When is it Time for an Older Driver to Hang Up the Car Keys?

Recognizing when a parent or a loved one is unable to keep driving. It can be a sensitive conversation to navigate: is your elderly parent still able to safely drive? What if they cause a car accident because of their…

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Graphic House Outline with text "Stay Safe Stay Home"

Tips for Staying Safe (and Sane) During Quarantine

It’s an unusual and anxious time right now for people all over the country. Schools are closed and many workers are being told to stay home as every effort is made to slow the spread of the coronavirus. We’re all…

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Car Crash Scene with First Responders Assisting the Injured

What to Do if You Are in a Car Accident

Hopefully you will never need this information, but if you do find yourself in a car accident, whether you are the driver or the passenger, we have some tips we hope will help you through a traumatic time.  All of…

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Radio Studio Microphone with Notepad and Pen

Tails of Loudoun County

Our animal-loving friend and photographer Ellen Zangla sat down to chat with us about her fundraising efforts for Northern Virginia’s neediest animals. We recently sat down and had a fun and engaging interview with our friend Ellen Zangla, who last…

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All Way Stop Sign

Stop Sign Stand-Off

You’re at a stop sign, and so are three other drivers. One of two things will happen: no one will make the first move to cross the intersection or — you guessed it! — everyone will try to go at…

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REAL ID Icon (star in circle) with text "Federal Limits Apply"

What Virginians Need to Know About REAL IDs

Wondering if you should upgrade to a REAL ID? Here’s some information to help you decide. Whether you live in Leesburg, Hopewell, or somewhere in between, chances are that you’ve heard something about REAL IDs. But if you’re like many…

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