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Toll Increases

Toll Increases

Some toll increases are coming on the Dulles Greenway in Loudoun County.

Driver paying toll attendant

Over the next 18 months in Loudoun County, drivers on the Dulles Greenway are going to see increases in their off-peak tolls. This 14-mile stretch of road is a busy one, and many drivers may be relieved to hear that they will only be seeing off-peak increases for now, not peak-toll increases, which have been put off because of uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. The hope is that by increasing just the off-peak tolls, TRIP II (Toll Road Investors Partnership II) will be able to recover their operating costs and cover their debt obligations.

What does this mean for you, out on the road? The off-peak toll will increase immediately by 25 cents, to $5. The rate will jump again, to $5.25, on January 1, 2022. If you’d like to read more about the increase, there’s a helpful article in the Loudoun Times-Mirror, which you can access here. Stay safe on the roads out there!