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This Memorial Day

This Memorial Day

We may not be meeting in person this year to celebrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, but we can all reflect on the many ways we can be of service in our own communities.

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Memorial Day is an important time to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country. This year, as we continue to face COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns, we won’t be gathering as we traditionally do to honor those who died in service to our nation. But we can reflect on the many meanings of service. As we’ve been reminded over these recent difficult months, our communities are at their strongest when we are standing together, and citizen service comes in a lot of different ways. 

As a nation and as a world, we have been faced with many difficulties because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus shutdowns have disrupted lives and caused people to lose their jobs, and many folks have been left struggling to make ends meet. In the midst of so much uncertainty and hardship, we have seen lots of people finding ways to serve. Among those acts of kindness and generosity have been businesses swiftly shifting gears so they can produce personal protective gear for healthcare workers; neighbors wearing face masks whenever they are out in a public setting to protect the most vulnerable in their community; and communities pitching in to help feed those in need.

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a time when many of us look forward to spending quality time with family and friends, unofficially ushering in the start of the summer season with large gatherings, parades, picnics, or weekend trips. This year will necessarily look different, and we encourage you to make this year’s Memorial Day celebrations about finding ways big and small to be of service to your community. Call up an elderly neighbor and ask if you can deliver groceries to their front porch or pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy so they don’t have to go out and risk exposure to the virus. Find a local charity or business that is doing good work in the community — like Burnett & Williams’ Ampersand Food Pantry Project — to donate to. Or just say “thanks” to those who are working to keep things rolling. There are many individuals and groups out there who are committed to the greater good, and if you are in a position to donate money, here is a good article with suggestions for various worthy organizations. 

Sacrifice and service have taken on new meaning for all of us this year, and we hope that you will join our attorneys and staff on Monday in remembering all of those brave souls who gave their lives for the greater good, as well as taking Memorial Day as an opportunity to think about how each and every one of us can be of service in our own communities. Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Burnett & Williams.