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The Turmoil of an Unexpected Accident Begins a Long Road of Loss and Recovery

fast train in motion

When an Amtrak train heading from Washington, DC to New York derailed on Tuesday night, many lives were suddenly thrown into turmoil. Hundreds of people got telephone calls saying their friends and relatives had been injured. Dozens of family members got the stunning news that a loved one was suddenly gone.

There will be a detailed investigation into the cause of the derailment, and many insurance claims and lawsuits that will take years to fully settle. But the real derailment will take place day after day in the months ahead as victims and their families struggle to adjust to the new realities created by the accident – the hard work of medical recovery, the difficult adjustment to new limitations, the processing of grief and irreversible loss.

Despite the impressions left by some lawyers’ advertising campaigns, helping clients through loss and recovery is at the heart of every good Personal Injury Law practice. Each day we work with clients who’s lives have been thrown into turmoil by circumstances beyond their control. We help them get the funds they need to cover medical expenses. We help them understand the complexities of their insurance claims. We help them gain compensation for losses that will reverberate throughout their lives.

It is not yet clear what caused the derailment on Amtrak Train 188, but we can be pretty certain that none of the passengers injured or killed were responsible for accident that befell them. Most of them were returning home after a long work day or a fun evening with friends, and then everything changed in an instant. They and their families will need help getting their lives back in order, and in some cases nothing will ever be the same.

Amtrak’s insurance companies will likely bear the bulk of the financial responsibility, but dozens of personal injury lawyers will be involved for years ahead helping the victims navigate their options to find the best path through their loss and recovery.

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