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The Real Ladies of Loudoun County

The Real Ladies of Loudoun County

Roxce Castillo has created the go-to online community for Northern Virginia women who would like to connect and support each other.

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In this episode of Burnett & Williams’ podcast series, Peter Burnett and Jonathan Slater are joined by Roxce Castillo, founder and manager of the incredibly popular Facebook group The Real Ladies of Loudoun County. Roxce tells us about how she was inspired to start the group six years ago when she saw a need in her local community for ways to facilitate women communicating and supporting each other. Roxce has built the group on a message of positivity and helpfulness, and her efforts have paid off: The Real Ladies of Loudoun County Facebook group has grown to over 31,000 members, with a waiting list of nearly 2,000 women wanting to join!   

Roxce is most proud of how her group helps the community through fundraisers, women’s expos, and the networking of women-owned businesses. The expos are always a big hit, attracting upward of 60 vendors and providing a great opportunity for women to gather in one place to showcase their work and their businesses. Roxce also shares stories of how the group helps individual women — everything from reconnecting a woman with her lost cat to recommending a doctor to a mother-to-be who has just moved to the area —  and also some of her struggles as administrator of the Facebook Group. We applaud Roxce for doing so much to foster strong bonds in our local Northern Virginia community!

If you’re interested in hearing and our entire conversation with Roxce, check out the full podcast episode using this link.