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A Thanksgiving Message For All of Us

A Thanksgiving Message For All of Us

One of our staff members in Burnett & Williams’ Midlothian office is David Brown, a Scotsman who recently immigrated to the United States a year ago, joining us as a paralegal at that same time.  Since he was born and raised in Scotland, I was curious about his view of Thanksgiving and asked him about it.

David told me he was familiar with our uniquely American holiday because he had encountered it on television at home.  He experienced his first Thanksgiving with his American wife’s family last year in Wilmington, North Carolina, eating a traditional meal and watching college football on television.

I asked him what Thanksgiving meant to him and I was pleasantly surprised to hear him reply that it was all about family.  He said the United Kingdom had a similar holiday known as Boxing Day where the tradition is to unite with extended family.  I was also surprised to learn that he knows fellow Scotsmen who celebrate American style Thanksgiving at home because they enjoyed our tradition so much when working abroad.  However, I imagine they may add some local flair with a good stout and a soccer game, instead of beer and football!

Now that is something for which we can give Thanks.  Despite all the conflict in the world, no matter where you are from, we can all agree to be thankful  for family.

From all of us at Burnett & Williams, Happy Thanksgiving!