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Take a Look at these Shocking Auto Accident Statistics

Take a Look at these Shocking Auto Accident Statistics

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Here are some interesting numbers we’ve found in the latest Car and Truck Crash statistics published by the Virginia Highway Safety office:

Virginia Overall Crash Statistics

  • 5.8 million licensed drivers.
  • 7.8 million registered cars.
  • 80 million vehicle miles.

Virginia Accidents and Injuries

  • 121,763 traffic crashes.
  • 659 vehicle miles per traffic crash.
  • 65,114  persons injured.
  • 13,591 injuries from speed-related crashes.
  • 399 teenagers injured in alcohol-related crashes.


  • 741 persons killed.
  • 46% of fatalities were in speed-related crashes.
  • 34% of fatalities were injured in alcohol-related crashes.
  • 10 teenagers were killed in alchohol-related crashes.

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