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Sexual Assault and Personal Injury Law

Sexual Assault and Personal Injury Law

This week while the topic of sexual assault has been front and center around the country, we’ve been acutely aware that this prominent public discussion has been liberating for some of our clients and painful for others.

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Over the years, Burnett & Williams has helped many sexual assault survivors seek justice through the civil legal process for harm done to them – both physical and psychological.

In our experience, for both adults and children, sexual assault is the most personal of personal injuries, and the losses experienced can last forever. When we represent sexual assault survivors, we work with great sensitivity to make sure that they are not further victimized by the litigation process and that they are made whole – as much as possible – in the ways that are most important to them.

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This year, we’ve added to our a legal team an attorney with extensive experience prosecuting crimes involving sexual assault and violence against women as an Assistant Commonwealth Attorney in Culpeper. Based in our new office in Orange, Jonathan Slater will be handling all kinds of personal injury claims in the Piedmont region, from serious car and truck accidents to wrongful death claims, and assault cases. But his work will not be confined to our cases in Central Virginia. In all of our offices, from the greater Richmond area to Leesburg and the rest of Northern Virginia, Slater will be closely advising on all of our sexual assault cases.

If you or a loved one has experienced the pain and loss of surviving sexual assault and you’d like to discuss the possibility of bringing a case against the perpetrator, call us for a no-fee consultation. In Central Virginia: 540-406-1507; in greater Richmond: 804-794-0080; and in Northern Virginia: 703-777-1650.