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Recovering in Houston

Recovering in Houston

group after hurricane harvey

Like many of you, we’ve been concerned about the tragic weather events hitting so many parts of America. We’ve been looking for ways to help, and last month we were connected with Charles and Kim Wienken, a couple in Houston who are struggling to get their life back together after severe flooding.  Here’s their story:

Our family would like to extend a huge, heartfelt thank you for the Home Depot gift card, as well as the Burnett & Williams gifts you all provided to our family after we experienced significant damage to our home as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

We have lived in Houston our entire lives and have never seen such catastrophic damage before. After Hurricane Harvey finally passed and we were able to return home, we were greeted by over 30 friends, family, and complete strangers ready to help us tear out sheetrock, pull out soaking wet carpet, knock out cabinets, and remove all belongings from our home. It was a surreal and humbling experience.

Although removing all damaged materials and contents was a huge feat, we quickly realized that our normal way of living was going to change, which was actually harder to cope with than the loss of our belongings. We have had many friends step up in unexpected ways and many of our needs are being met. While our new normal is gradually becoming easier, we still long to be back home, which will probably be at least 3 more months.

Though the burden often times feels heavy, it is people and businesses like you that have helped ease the load for us. We will be forever grateful for your generosity and would certainly like to thank you in person if we ever get the chance to visit Virginia! I have included a picture of our very dear friend, Patrick, presenting us with the gift, who was also one of those 30+ people that helped us clean out our home.

Thank you again and God bless.

Charles & Kim Wienken

Let’s all find ways to stay connected to those who are in need — in Puerto Rico, in Florida, in Houston, and in northern California.  In crises like these, no one can manage alone.  And please share the stories of your aid efforts with us so that we can help amplify your efforts if possible.