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Using Technology to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents for Virginia Residents and Workers

Virginia Tech professor Thurmon Lockhart has developed a fascinating approach to the prevention of slip and fall accidents among workers and the elderly.

His innovative machine, the Slip Simulator, is now available to patients at Inova Hospital’s Lansdowne campus.

This innovative machine can help Loudoun County caregivers and businesses predict who might be at risk for a slip-fall injury.  It provides a safe way to practice balancing in slip and trip situations, and it trains the body to learn better prevention and recovery methods.

With accidental falls one of the leading causes of workplace injury and incapacitation among the elderly, Professor Lockhart and Inova Lansdowne are making a great contribution to our community by providing additional tools of prevention.

You can read more about the Slip Simulator in this article from the Loudoun Times.