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Thoughtful Planning For Life

Thoughtful Planning For Life

I was delighted to open Purcellville’s Blue Ridge Leader  and see the article by our friend and colleague, Leesburg attorney Dan Smith of Smith & Pugh. Dan is a wills and estates specialist with decades of experience. His article on powers of attorney was written with the knowledge of one who has been in the trenches and knows the subject matter inside and out.

My delight did not come from the knowledge imparted, as I know a little about powers of attorney myself.  Instead, it came from seeing a fellow lawyer demonstrate his commitment to his community by taking the time to clearly explain a subject that affects almost all of us sooner or later.  More lawyers should take the time to make the legal concerns that impact us all more approachable.

Our diverse population of citizens from Sterling and Ashburn to Round Hill and Bluemont struggle with many of the same legal issues on a regular basis.  With appropriate caveats about every legal problem having unique features requiring careful analysis by an experienced attorney, our many talented lawyers here in Loudoun can provide a great service by publicly sharing some of their knowledge of particular areas of the expertise.

I hope to see more good articles by Dan, and I thank him for his generosity.