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Organizing Maniacs Podcast Blog

Peter Burnett and Jonathan Slater sit down for a conversation with Cris Sgrott, whose organizing business helps people declutter their lives and homes.

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Cris Sgrott, a Certified Personal Organizer and founder of the business Organizing Maniacs, stopped by the office to dive into her process of helping those with hoarding tendencies get organized in this interesting episode of Burnett & Williams’ Law & Community podcast. Chris is based right here in Loudoun County, and she started offering her organizing skills to clients about 13 years ago. Since then, Organizing Maniacs has turned into a thriving business where she helps people take control of their clutter, specializing in helping people with brain-based challenges like ADD, ADHD, OCD, and hoarding tendencies get their homes and belongings under control and in order.

Over the course of our conversation, Cris talks with us about people’s emotional attachments to their belongings, and how she helps her clients walk through the process of letting go of items that no longer serve an important purpose in their lives. She also dives into how people with excessive clutter tend to feel overwhelmed by the disorganization. Chris works hard to interact with and assist her clients in a respectful and kind way, an approach she finds vital in dealing with a situation that is often surrounded with feelings of shame. Chris points out that an unexpected traumatic or emotional event can tip an individual into extreme disorganization that may spiral out of control, and that this cascade is something that could potentially happen to any of us.

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