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November Ampersand Award: Susie’s Fund for Medication Assistance

November Ampersand Award: Susie’s Fund for Medication Assistance

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Recovery is hard after an accident or illness, and it can often be compounded by the loss of wages from being unable to work. Prescription drugs costs can become a huge burden for those in need. That’s why Burnett & Williams is happy to select Susie’s Fund for Medication Assistance for our November Ampersand Award.

Susie’s Fund for Medication Assistance is a new program helping residents in Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, and throughout the tri-cities area.  The program is based at the John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell, in partnership with CrossOver Healthcare Ministry. Local residents in need of assistance are guided through a “Pharmacy Connection” application process by the CrossOver staff.

The program works by connecting patients with the assistance programs that are offered by different drug companies. It includes help with medications for a number of chronic conditions, ranging from diabetes to hypertension, clinical depression to asthma. In addition to the Pharmacy Connection, some patients may be directly connected to CrossOver HealthCare Ministry’s pharmacy in Chesterfield, or given a voucher to purchase their medication at a local pharmacy.

In August, Susie’s Fund started working with patients being discharged from John Randolph Medical Center. In September, the program opened to people in need in the community. This Thursday, November 9, at 5:00 pm there will be an informational session about the program at the John Randolph Foundation at 112 North Main Street, with free cookies and juice.

Thanks to everyone at Susie’s Fund, CrossOver Healthcare Ministry, and the John Randolph Foundation for working on innovative ways to strengthen our community and offer much-needed assistance to those who are struggling with injury and healthcare issues.