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New Campaign Aims to Avoid Tragic Consequences of Texting While Driving

The campaign against texting while driving has been spotlighted recently by several cases of roadway deaths.

One case that received media attention involved a married couple that was severely injured in New Jersey when a texting teen driver hit their motorcycle. The couple recently settled their case for $500,000.

AT&T has launched a new pledge drive asking teens to promise to avoid texting while driving. They have created a series of videos with real stories of family members who lost loved ones because of texting and driving.

The videos show not only the grief these accidents caused family and friends, but also highlights how trivial many text messages are by showing the deceased person’s last words.

Despite the video campaign, teens admitted that they continue to text while driving. In a survey recently released by AT&T, 97 percent of teens said they know that texting while driving is dangerous. Seventy-five percent say that the practice is still common among their friends.