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National Ampersand Day 2017

National Ampersand Day 2017

Happy National Ampersand Day!  We were surprised and happy to see that so many Americans share our love for the all-powerful ampersand that there is an unofficial National Ampersand Day celebrated on September 8.  

For over 25 years Burnett & Williams has used our big red ampersand as a symbol of the commitment we have to the communities we serve, and the partnership we have with each and every client. We make sure that every case we take becomes stronger with our involvement.

We listen. We research. We advocate. From Chesterfield to Winchester, from Leesburg to Midlothian, all around Virginia we work every day to shape successful outcomes for every person who comes to us for help.

In our communities, our Ampersand Campaign works to recognize people and organizations who work hard to make the Commonwealth a better place by serving others.

Us & you. Expertise & service.  Protection & justice. We believe we are always stronger together.

So let’s celebrate our “&s” on National Ampersand Day. Share your favorite “&” or nominate someone for a Burnett & Williams Ampersand Campaign Award today!   #&