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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Many moms have had to take on new roles and responsibilities these past months during the pandemic quarantine. While most Mother’s Day festivities will be very different this year, let’s still take the time to celebrate mom and show her how much we appreciate her! 

Mother and daughter sitting in bed, daughter kissing mother on cheek. Breakfast on Nightstand with "I love Mom" sign

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10th, and while this year presents a unique set of challenges in terms of being able to celebrate mom in person, don’t forget to do something special for her! The traditional Mother’s Day rituals of going out to brunch or dinner will have to take a rain check, but there are still so many thoughtful things you can do to let your mom know that you’re thinking about her.

If you’re quarantined at home with your mom (or, if the kids are really little and you are the other parent!), see if you can find ways on Sunday to let her relax. Because of the coronavirus-related shut-downs, many mothers have been multitasking even more than usual: juggling the roles of parent, professional, teacher, chef …  you name it! The biggest gift you could give mom in these current circumstances could very well be a day off from family chores. Someone else can take full responsibility for making and serving the food, clearing and cleaning the dishes, and doing the laundry. And don’t wait for her to ask: volunteer! You could even extend the at-home help beyond just Mother’s Day, with homemade gift certificates good for any number of chores around the house, redeemable any time mom needs a helping hand in the weeks to come.

Another great idea is making mom breakfast in bed, or a special lunch. And don’t underestimate the joy that a good old-fashioned hand-made card can bring! With young kids, the burden of planning a celebration certainly falls squarely on the shoulders of the husband or partner, but even very little kids — with some guidance — can do a lot to make mom feel special and loved on Mother’s Day.   

If you are not quarantined in the same place with mom, consider having something special delivered to her. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive — maybe a new flowering plant for her garden or windowsill, a package of her favorite sweets, or a great book. 

Another great idea is the gift of being connected — there are many good products available for video-chatting that don’t require the user to be tech-savvy. Most moms simply wish to connect with their children and spend time with family in any way possible — if not in person, then with a phone call or a video-chat. It could be part of your gift to help her set up the video-chat technology, if she’s feeling intimidated by the idea of figuring out the new method of communication.

It may not be a typical Mother’s Day this year, but we think that it’s more important than ever to show your appreciation, since many moms have been stepping up in so many ways these past few months. Others have been dealing with the difficult isolation and loneliness that social distancing and separation from family can bring, and a small gesture of love can go a long way toward making a mom’s day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the fantastic moms out there, from all of us at Burnett & Williams