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May Ampersand Award Goes to Hopewell Girl Scout Troop 2

May Ampersand Award Goes to Hopewell Girl Scout Troop 2

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This month we would like to recognize Hopewell Girl Scout Troop 2, for their beautification and environmental stewardship work.

These young women used their artistic talent to paint some of the storm drains near schools in Hopewell. These storm drains may go unnoticed on a regular basis, but these drains are one way in which the homes and property of Hopewell residents are protected. These storm drains divert potentially hazardous amounts of water from overcoming sidewalks and washing out roads.

In Hopewell, these drains empty into the Appomattox and James river, and eventually the Chesapeake Bay.

By painting the drain sites, it is a reminder that residents should not dump hazardous materials such as fertilizers, oil, trash, or litter in the drains. These beautiful and friendly reminders that what enters the drains ends up in our natural resources is a smart way to combine art and environmental stewardship.

Thank you to the young women for their work!