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Loudoun County, Virginia: Happiest County in America

Loudoun County, Virginia: Happiest County in America

Northern Virginia Counties Topping the Charts for Happiest in the Nation.

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For the second year straight, Loudoun County has been named the happiest county in America. The study, published annually by Smart Asset, uses 8 factors to make its determinations. Those 8 are: life expectancy, physical activity rates, income, cost of living, unemployment rates, marriage and divorce rates, and the poverty rate. Notably, Loudoun had the lowest poverty rate of any in the nation and one of the highest marriage rates. Northern Virginia made a strong showing as Fairfax County scored second in the nation.

Loudoun County has been at the top of other lists as well. It is currently the 20th fastest growing county in America and also has the highest median income in the U.S. It seems like Loudoun is the place to be.