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From Lawyer to U.S. President

From Lawyer to U.S. President

Burnett & Williams’ lawyers are in good company on this Presidents’ Day: nearly 60% of all U.S. presidents were lawyers before they were elected commander in chief. Many people who seek justice and fairness and possess a desire to help others become lawyers. That may be why so many lawyers go on to hold elected office, from president on down, as well as serving as judges and attorneys general all across our country.

Here’s the list of U.S. Presidents who reported lawyering as their profession before becoming a full-time elected representative.

John Adams: lawyer & farmer
Thomas Jefferson: lawyer, farmer, & diplomat
James Madison: lawyer & farmer
James Monroe: lawyer, farmer & diplomat
John Quincy Adams: lawyer
Andrew Jackson: lawyer, farmer, & soldier
Martin Van Buren: lawyer
John Tyler: lawyer
James Polk: lawyer & farmer
Millard Fillmore: lawyer
Franklin Pierce: lawyer
James Buchanan: lawyer & diplomat
Abraham Lincoln: lawyer
Rutherford Hayes: lawyer
Chester Arthur: lawyer
Benjamin Harrison: lawyer & journalist
William McKinley: lawyer & soldier
William Taft: lawyer, Dean of the University of Cincinnati Law School, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Woodrow Wilson: lawyer & President of Princeton University
Calvin Coolidge: lawyer
Franklin Roosevelt: lawyer
Richard Nixon: lawyer
Gerald Ford: lawyer, football player, & sailor
Bill Clinton: lawyer & professor
Barack Obama: lawyer & professor

Happy Presidents’ Day from the lawyers and staff at Burnett & Williams Personal Injury Law!