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An Imperfect Process for a More Perfect Union

An Imperfect Process for a More Perfect Union

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The election process in America is a lot like the legal process.  It isn’t perfect. It isn’t easy. But when citizens participate thoughtfully, and work to accommodate each other, it ultimately works for the good of the whole.

It may be surprising to many that 98% of the personal injury cases in Virginia are settled by an agreement between the two sides. Typically both sides have diametrically opposed views of the case right up to the settlement. Through hard work and incremental compromise, they find a way to come together on a negotiated agreement rather than taking a risk on the uncertain outcome of a trial.

In legal negotiations, we work to establish common ground and build from there. Likewise, in a nation as divided as America currently is, we need to start with the basic human values we all agree on: physical security for all, economic opportunity for our children, a chance for each of us to pursue happiness on our own terms.  Let’s start there and build.

The key to a successful democracy is active participation. The more informed and involved the citizenry is, the better the chance of finding compromise that is positive for both sides.  Democracy is a participatory sport, not a spectator sport. The major candidates are able to fully present their views to the nation. The press is able to fully report on what is at stake.  And most importantly, every citizen has a chance to vote his or her conscience.

We want to say thank you to ALL of our neighbors who put time and energy into advancing ideas during this election, and to every Virginia resident who took the time to consider the issues and vote. In the months and years ahead, let’s look for ways to participate fully in the never-ending process of building a more perfect union.