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Helping Homeless Veterans

Helping Homeless Veterans

helping homeless vet

A recent article in the Reston Connection brought to our attention a current initiative to end homelessness among veterans by the end of this year. Prompted by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Mayors Challenge to End Veterans Homelessness in 2015, veterans advocates are teaming up with local administrators all over the Commonwealth to find creative, sustainable ways to make sure every veteran has a home.

It seems that the key to these efforts is not so much finding resources, but coordinating existing programs between veterans services, social services and volunteer organizations.  There are many options for assistance to veterans in need, but this new initiative is helping to find ways to better connect the programs to each other and to the veterans who are in crisis.

Burnett & Williams applauds these efforts to identify root causes of homelessness among our veterans and to connect veterans in need with a complex matrix of solutions.  All of us can play a part, and we encourage everyone to look for ways to pitch in to efforts to help each and every veteran in need, including calling the Veterans Administration Homeless Vets hotline if you know of someone who has lost housing at 800-4AID-VET (424-3838), or facilitating connections with these resources: