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Five Advantages of Hiring a Head Injury Attorney

Five Advantages of Hiring a Head Injury Attorney

A head injury attorney can provide many benefits for individuals who have suffered a head wound, which may result in an injury to the brain, skull, or scalp. Head injuries can range from a simple lump, bruise, or laceration to the brain. Injuries to the brain are often referred to as traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Common causes of head injuries include motor vehicle accidents, falls, assaults, and sports accidents.

There are several types of damage when someone sustains a head injury. Head injuries can be closed or open, breaking through the scalp and skull and exposing the brain. Common injuries include:

  • Hematomas are blood clots that occur when large blood vessels are damaged. A hematoma on the scalp will present as a lump. Inside the skull, they can be extremely serious as pressure may build up, possibly resulting in damage to the brain.
  • Hemorrhage is uncontrolled bleeding. In the skull, hemorrhages may cause headaches, vomiting, brain damage, or even death.
  • The impact of the brain against the skull causes concussions.
  • Edema is swelling and can occur in or outside of the brain. When the swelling is inside the skull, there is pressure build-up.
  • Skull fractures are breaks in the cranial bones that protect the brain. Often, but not always, the brain is injured when someone sustains a skull fracture.
  • Diffuse axonal injuries cause damage to the brain cells and can lead to permanent disability or death.

Prompt medical attention is essential. The medical interventions and long-term prognoses vary, depending on the cause and severity of the injury. The amount of visible damage may be misleading.

Lacerations to the scalp often bleed a lot, but recovery may be swift and complete. Some of the most severe and lasting effects of head injury are the result of swelling and bleeding in the brain.

Damage to the brain can change one’s life, resulting in high medical costs, lost income, earning potential, and pain and suffering.

Benefits of Working with a Head Injury Lawyer

Head injuries are complex. Because brain injuries can affect your behavior, cognition, and emotions, some losses may not be readily apparent. You may find that you cannot continue in your profession only after you begin to reintroduce work after a recovery period. Here are five advantages of working with a head injury lawyer.

  1. An experienced head injury lawyer will understand the complexity of the injury and recovery process. Too often, the insurer, the person or entity at fault, and even the accident victim underestimate the loss. An experienced head injury lawyer will ensure the damages assessed cover the total value of your losses, including pain and suffering, future medical and rehabilitation costs, and lost earning potential.
  2. A head injury lawyer can conduct an independent investigation to identify the parties at fault and their negligence. That may include interviewing witnesses and reviewing police and medical reports.
  3. A head injury lawyer will be able to support you through every stage of the process, increasing the likelihood that you will receive the full settlement to which you are entitled. They will make sure all deadlines are met, and filings are complete.
  4. They will negotiate on your behalf.
  5. An experienced head injury lawyer will be prepared to go to trial if a settlement cannot be reached. While most cases never go to trial, this strengthens your negotiation power.

Because you have a strong ally, you can rest assured that your interests are being protected. That gives you time and peace of mind to focus on recovery.

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If you have sustained a head injury through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced head injury lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and protect your rights.

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