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Have You Checked Your Lug Nuts?

Have You Checked Your Lug Nuts?

A Michigan court reaches for the dictionary, but perhaps misses the meaning of a consumer protection law.

Mechanic Using Airgun to Remove Lugnuts From Car
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Despite a ruling by a Michigan Court implying that performing a tire rotation doesn’t necessarily require tightening the lug nuts (as relayed in this irreverent commentary), we’d like to come down firmly in favor of requiring lug nut tightening in Virginia!

All kidding aside, tire safety is an important part of serious accident prevention. A tire blowout (or separation from the car!) at high speed could cause a catastrophic accident, especially on the highway, so it is worthwhile to have your tires inspected regularly, and replaced whenever they are showing signs of wear. Extending the life of worn tires isn’t frugal, it’s dangerous.

And when you have your tires rotated, be sure to double-check that the lug nuts have been tightened!

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