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A New Year Begins

A New Year Begins

As most personal injury lawyers know, insurance companies get quiet during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Adjusters often go on vacation, and from our perspective, claims departments have skeleton crews at best. Many years ago we started using this week not only to wrap up mandatory financial matters but to address equipment upgrades and the organizational tasks that managed to stay near the bottom of the priority list throughout the year. An unexpected benefit of the way we spend our time during this week has been the opportunity to step back and reflect on the quality of our work and the response of our clients. In some ways, it is a second Thanksgiving.

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As I review the cases we handled over the course of the year, I am always struck by the remarkable resilience of the many people, from all walks of life, who have entrusted us with the difficult physical, emotional, and financial issues that so often follow a serious and unexpected personal injury. Our experienced lawyers and staff are well familiar with the myriad of challenges posed, from dealing with health and auto insurance companies to missing work and tolerating medical procedures that are often painful. As “frequent flyers”, we are comfortable with what must seem like chaos to some, but most of our clients are “first-timers” who have never been through the aftermath of a serious injury. The resolve and dignity they so often display is impressive. I admire them for their fortitude.

As we begin 2015, I am thankful for my talented and dedicated fellow employees at Burnett & Williams; I am thankful for the clients that ask us to help them; and I am thankful for the immense satisfaction I get from helping each and every one. I am looking forward to an equally rewarding 2015.