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Favorite Music Teacher Receives High Honor in Hopewell Virginia

Favorite Music Teacher Receives High Honor in Hopewell Virginia

Carolyn Taylor

HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA – We were thrilled to hear that one of the Tri-Cities most beloved citizens, longtime Hopewell High music teacher Carolyn Taylor, was honored by the Hopewell School Board during Black History Month for her lifetime of service to the region.  Ms. Taylor taught in the school system for over 30 years and served as the choir director at Hopewell High from 1974 – 2000.  Her choral group, “Mixed Company,” was a standard-setter that won many awards in Virginia, and her work impacted the lives of many students.

Ms. Taylor was a great teacher, but her greatest gift to the region came through the many public events her students graced with their performances.  As the Hopewell News said recently, they “won too many awards to name,” and “became a staple in the city, performing at many organizational and community events.”

When you think about what binds a community together, music has to be an important part of the glue.  A high school band or choral group that can take your breath away imparts pride and joy to a community.  Ms. Taylor now lives in Petersburg, but Hopewell had the great benefit of her talents for many years.  We join the thousands of students, families, and community members who thank her for her dedicated service, and wish her well in her retirement.