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John and Carolyn U.

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“John and I cannot thank you enough for all your help over the past two years. My accident changed my life and I have had to work hard to regain my confidence and trust in other drivers. I know we are very lucky the injuries were not worse and that I have had close to a full recovery.

Your very astute guidance and negotiations during this time relieved us of so many worries. Each paper and request from the insurance companies came with a multitude of questions. You guided us through what we saw as an insurmountable minefield.

The mediation to settle our case helped draw this to a close without having to drag out all the scary memories. We appreciate the mediator and his skill in making us feel heard and comfortable with telling our side of the terrible accident. Not having to go to court was a relief to both of us.

Most of all, we appreciate the kindness you extended to us. We have been neighbors all these years and it was pleasant surprise to find we have so much in common.

Thanks again for your wisdom and very steady support.”