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All Way Stop Sign

Stop Sign Stand-Off

You’re at a stop sign, and so are three other drivers. One of two things will happen: no one will make the first move to

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Heavy Traffic Merging Tysons Corner Virginia USA

Who’s Turn is it Anyway?

Questions about Virginia’s rules of the road and how a driver’s failure to yield right-of-way can disqualify insurance settlements. This is the second part of a

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Auto Insurance Smarts

Is your car insurance coverage adequate? Now is a good time to talk to your agent about protecting yourself by increasing your coverage levels —

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Do you have MedPay?

Many people don’t know the answer, but adding Med Pay to your car insurance is a simple way to maximize your coverage. By Kat Ikonomidis,

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deer crossing two lane road at night

Taking My Own Accident Advice

What a recent deer accident reminded me about minimizing collision harm and navigating accident insurance claims. By Seth R. Lindberg, attorney at Burnett & Williams

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