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B&W Client pursues PhD

B&W Client pursues PhD

Nate Windle wrote a wonderful, touching letter to thank our staff for helping him maintain the ability to pursue his master’s degree:

I wanted to write and say again personally, ‘thank you’ as this opportunity would not have been possible without what you and Don and Helen did in winning my case. Your brilliance and persistence are inspirational in teaching one to fight for what they believe. I always believed I wanted and could do this and now I have mastered the masters! The real challenge comes as I explore the PhD in hopes of teaching at an accredited college some day.

Great to hear from you and that the firm is doing well and continues to grow in challenged economic times. Your words of kindness and vote of confidence in my pursuit of the PhD are appreciated and well received. It is a dream within my scope. I feel if I get the chance to teach in an adjunct capacity upon graduation, it will only further fuel my compassion to go further in my education.

Regards and take care,

Nate Windle
Master of Business Administration
of Health Care Management