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Burnett & Williams Raises Its Sign on a New Downtown Hopewell Office

Burnett & Williams Raises Its Sign on a New Downtown Hopewell Office

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Local attorney Jim Williams is putting the finishing touches on his new Hopewell office with a 12 foot “blade” sign at the corner of N. Main St. and W. Broadway Ave. The sign was constructed by Moore Sign Company of Chester, and it mirrors a blade sign that was on the building in the 1900s.

“When I saw old pictures of this building, the thing that jumped out at me was the blade sign,” said Jim Williams as he was watching the installation of the new sign. “I knew I wanted to do something similar to help add to the charm of downtown Hopewell.”

Mr. Williams’ firm, Burnett & Williams Personal Injury Law, has 6 offices in the Commonwealth, including two others nearby in Richmond and Midlothian, but none of the other offices have a sign like this one. For Jim Williams the move is both business and personal, and he wanted the firm’s new sign to have a positive impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

Jim Williams spent time in Hopewell as a child when he visited his grandparents at their farm outside of town.  His father lives there now, having retired from the Army after living all over the world with his family.

“We were always moving when I was young, but this town was the one constant, so I have great memories of Hopewell as a kid,” Williams said. “I love taking care of my clients in the tri-cities area and I’m looking forward to having a full-service office in the heart of downtown. Whenever I’m here, I always run into old friends – plus I get to see Dad more often.”

In his work as an attorney, Williams works with injured clients to make sure they get the proper compensation owed by insurance