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Burnett & Williams new website interacts with the community

Leesburg, VA – Burnett & Williams has enjoyed over 20 years of connecting with the community. Their new website enhances this relationship by integrating video and blogging to increase accessibility.  Peter Burnett notes “PI law provides insights into best practices of home and auto insurance as well as what to do if you or a loved one has been injured. We want to share this with friends and colleagues and hear their comments and ideas.” The firm has specialized in a select inventory of significant cases that have influenced the practice of personal injury law in Virginia. Additionally, B&W wants to exchange information about community projects that benefit local residents. The new site features video consultations so “people can ‘visit’ our office and get to know our attorneys and philosophy”, says Peter, “we especially enjoy the candid dialogue on our blog.”

Burnett & Williams was one of the first firms in Loudoun to specialize in personal injury law. This focus has developed a high level expertise and consistent results for their clients. Venturing into video is another example of B&W’s vision for the future. “The fact is that no one wants to hire a personal injury lawyer” says Peter “however, if a tragedy occurs, it is critical to contact a skilled lawyer as soon as possible.” There are entire industries armed with insurance and legal professionals paid to protect the interests of their companies. Individuals must seek competent legal counsel immediately. B&W hopes the interactive nature of their new website encourages visitors to learn more about their options and to ask questions. “We are only a phone call away,” continues Peter, “we welcome your inquiries and have established a very thorough intake process to determine the best course of action to protect you and your family.” Please call 703-777-1650 for more information.