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Blood Shortage

Blood Shortage

Virginia’s blood shortage is especially severe this summer, and you can help!

blood drive

Blood shortages often happen over the summer because schools and businesses are less likely to hold blood drives, and people are on vacation and are not thinking about donating blood. This summer the blood shortage is particularly severe, both in Virginia and nationally, for a number of reasons. Many blood drives were shut down because of the Covid pandemic, so the supply is even lower than usual, and now that travel restrictions have lifted, more people are out on the road, which unfortunately also means more car accidents and injured individuals heading to the ER. Pair that with people who postponed elective surgeries now having them done, and there has been a surge in demand for blood along with a decreased supply.

Maureen with blood donor badge
Our legal assistant, Maureen, donated blood at the Orange Presbyterian Church American Red Cross Drive.

If you are interested in helping your community by donating blood, you can book an appointment through the American Red Cross. Our Legal Assistant Maureen rolled up her sleeve recently to donate; we are always proud of the many ways members of our Burnett & Williams family give back to our community!