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Baseball Season is Here!

Baseball Season is Here!

There are lots of ways baseball fans can enjoy the sport this year.

Summer is almost here, and baseball season is already in full swing. Parents all over Virginia — from Culpepper to Leesburg to Charlottesville and beyond — are setting up their folding chairs at Little League games to cheer their kids on. Some of the lucky among us may be heading to Washington, D.C., to see a Nationals game. And with the school year ending, you can count on seeing lots of kids with their gloves and bats in parks and yards everywhere.

If summer camp is on the agenda for your children, the Virginia Baseball Club offers a number of camps for youth, including in Arlington, McLean, and Springfield. If you’re an adult who likes to play, there are plenty of baseball leagues to check out — there are five in Fairfax County alone! And if you’re a baseball lover in Loudoun County, there’ll soon be a fun new way to enjoy the sport, with the opening of a new baseball-park-themed entertainment complex in Ashburn this fall, called The Ballpark Loudoun. The folks behind the ballpark-themed facility, which includes 22,000 square feet of training space and family-friendly food, hope to build a number of other similar facilities in the region, from Baltimore to Richmond or Virginia Beach.

After more than a year of Covid restrictions and social distancing, many of us are eagerly looking ahead to some socializing and new activities in the months ahead. We think that watching or participating in America’s National Pastime can be a fun way to enjoy being out and about with our friends and families!