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Ashburn Cares Food Drive Makes a Big Difference

Ashburn Cares Food Drive Makes a Big Difference

ken courter and group

We want to extend our congratulations to our friend Ken Courter and all those who pitched in this month to make the first Ashburn Cares Food Drive a huge success. Raising over $20,000 and 3,000 pounds of food for the Loudoun Interfaith Relief Food Pantry is a huge accomplishment, especially in the first year of this drive. Ken had the vision to set this project in motion, and the energy and commitment to push it beyond anyone’s expectation.

Thanks also to the Darryl and Tiffany Tapp Family who’s generous challenge grant raised the bar for all of us, and to the students of Legacy Elementary School who put their hearts into a huge fundraising effort.

We are struck by the way the community rallied around this good cause, and we are humbled by the impact this effort will have on families in need throughout the summer. Thanks to Ashburn Cares, Loudoun Interfaith will be able to provide 300 families with 3 full days worth of groceries, and they’ll be able to keep their summer program for at-risk children running at full speed.

Supporting these children and these families in need means a stronger community for all of us. Burnett & Williams was proud to be part of such a focused, caring community effort, and we’re hoping this success can be built upon for years to come.

Many Thanks,

Peter Burnett