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Art Warren Steps Down After 24 Years on Chesterfield Board of Supervisors

Art Warren Steps Down After 24 Years on Chesterfield Board of Supervisors

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Burnett & Williams would like to recognize the service of an influential and long-tenured member of the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors, Art Warren.  After 24 years of service, Art has decided to step aside and not seek re-election for a seventh consecutive term. Earlier this month the Richmond Times-Dispatch focused on the impact he has had during his six terms as a public servant to the Chesterfield community.

During his tenure Midlothian was placed on Money magazine’s “100 Best Places to Live” list, and placed 6th on CNBC’s list of “10 perfect suburbs.”  Clover Hill resident Donald Williams summed up Warren’s tenure saying that Warren has had “as profound an impact as anyone on the development of the Chesterfield we know today…  He understands what the community is all about. He’s a gentleman. Even when people didn’t agree with him, he was never disagreeable.”  Current Board Chairman Jim Holland supported that sentiment saying, “He and I have been closely aligned, and that is very gratifying.  He’s a Republican and I’m a Democrat, but we’re very similar… he is someone I have certainly relied on.”

During his retirement announcement, Warren voiced his support for attorney Chris Winslow as a potential replacement on the Board.  Having worked with Chris for many years in the legal arena, we were pleased to see such a well-qualified attorney throw his hat into the ring to campaign to represent the Clover Hill District on the Board..

A 35-year-old Navy veteran and Midlothian resident, Winslow earned a degree in Political Science from Mary Washington College before joining the Navy following the devastating events of September 11, 2001. While on active duty Winslow continued his education and earned a legal degree from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. After completing his Navy commitment, Winslow began graduate work in homeland security at the University of Richmond, where he received a certificate of recognition.

Burnett & Williams would like to thank Art Warren for his service to Chesterfield County and to extend our best wishes to our fellow Midlothian attorney Chris Winslow.  With all five seats open, we hope the new board will honor Art Warren’s legacy by extending his focus on civility and community-building long into the future.