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Wrongfully Injured While Under Arrest: Andrew’s Story

Wrongfully Injured While Under Arrest: Andrew’s Story

In October 2008, Andrew D. was arrested for public intoxication on his 21st birthday in central Virginia.  What began as an evening of celebration became a nightmare when his hand was smashed by a steel door while he was in police custody. For years afterwards, he struggled through numerous medical procedures and persistent pain that kept him from leading a normal life.  The officers involved refused to take responsibility and their insurance company would not pay for adequate expenses.

No local lawyers would take Andrew’s case because police officers were involved.  Then he was referred to attorney Jim Williams in Burnett & Williams’ Midlothian office, just west of Richmond.

  • Burnett & Williams worked to establish that the facts of Andrew’s case justified a claim for compensation.
  • Jim Williams negotiated a settlement with the insurance companies involved that not only covered the huge medical bills, but also compensated the pain, suffering, and lifelong loss of function that Andrew has experienced.

Jim Williams and his partners at Burnett & Williams have been honored year after year for the excellent legal care they provide to clients throughout Virginia, from Petersburg and Hopewell in the southeast to the Shenandoah Valley and the Dulles tech corridor in northern Virginia.  If you know someone who is having trouble getting proper compensation for an injury that was not their fault, contact Burnett & Williams for a free consultation, and see why Burnett & Williams is one of Virginia’s oldest and most experienced personal injury law firms.