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An Artist’s Portrayal

An Artist’s Portrayal

Peter Burnett has been honored with a Together We Will Heal portrait.

Peter Burnett "Together We Heal" Portrait Painted by Diane Canney
Peter Burnett “Together We Heal” Portrait Painted by Diane Canney

Our very own Peter Burnett was honored recently with a portrait, in recognition of the work he’s done through the Ampersand Pantry Project helping feed fellow citizens who have fallen on hard times because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The portrait was painted by local artist Diane Canney in collaboration with the Purcellville-based non-profit cultural arts group Together We Will Heal. The organization is dedicated to honoring local unsung heroes who have contributed to the greater good of their community, and we are thrilled that Peter’s dedication to helping those around him is being recognized in such a beautiful way!

The portraits will go on tour next summer, visiting airports, stadiums, hospitals, and select public venues across the United States. The project’s goal is to spread messages of unity and inspiration in a meaningful way.

Recalling the stories of these heroes through art in unforgettable public displays, we aim to bring positive social impact.

To learn more about Together We Heal and how you can view the gallery, visit their website for more information.