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Ampersand Cell Phone Pocket Wallet

Ampersand Cell Phone Pocket Wallet

ampersand logo

We’re excited to share our new cell phone pocket wallets with our red ampersand logo.  For Burnett & Williams, this logo is a symbol of our commitment to providing excellent legal care to our clients and of our commitment to the betterment of the Virginia communities we serve.  To us, justice & protection, fairness & order, kindness & compassion, are all pillars of the law and good communities.

But most importantly, the “&” stands for the connection between our expertise & our clients’ needs.  It stands for Burnett & Williams’ dedication to listening to each client and working together to resolve each case in a way that provides the best outcome possible.

When clients call us for help on a difficult personal injury case, it is usually because the insurance claim has become so complicated, and the stakes have become so high, that they need a strong advocate in their corner. In case after case, we make sure that the unique circumstances of their accident are fully understood by the opposing side, helping them get the resources they need to recover and move on with their lives.

For Burnett & Williams, the rule of law exists to protect individuals and build up our communities.  We work every day to make Virginia’s legal system stronger by ensuring that it works properly for every citizen. Law & society. Attorneys & clients.  Neighbors & friends.

What are the “&’s” that make your world better?

What “&’s” give strength in your community?

Send an email to let us know (or stop by) and we’ll be happy to send you a pocket wallet.  We’ll share the best ideas, and each month we’ll select an organization or individual for our Ampersand Award!