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Help for the Hungry.

The Ampersand Pantry Project was created to provide help to Northeast Leesburg neighborhood residents unexpectedly finding themselves in need of food and other personal essentials.

The pantry is located on the Crossroads Baptist Church property at 850 Edwards Ferry Road NE (between Plaza Street and Heritage Way).

Neighborhood residents who find themselves unable to buy essential food, diapers, or personal products for their family are welcome to take what they need from the pantry.

The success of this project relies on food donations and tax deductible contributions from the community at large, and the enthusiastic support and protection of the neighborhood.

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Coming together for those in need.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, we’ve expanded our Ampersand Pantry Project to provide free lunches for those in need. No questions asked, 7 days a week, we’re teaming up with local restaurants and community volunteers to provide healthy meals for anyone who stops by: 335 E. Market Street, Leesburg.

We’ve taken this step to help individuals who are suddenly unable provide for themselves and their families, especially those with children who lost their school lunch access. We’re also interested in supporting restaurants and restaurant workers who have had their businesses turn upside down. Each day a different restaurant is providing the food, some donating and some working at cost, all to serve up to 300 meals a day.

This effort has been made possible through countless volunteer hours and generous donations from an expanding group of local citizens. If you’d like to help, sign up for our facebook group and donate today on our GoFundMe page. Checks to the “Ampersand Pantry Project” can be sent our Leesburg or Hopewell offices. Watch here for more information on this community effort.

Pantry Stocking Suggestions

Multiple individual quantities of an item serve more people than a bulk package. When you give ten bars of soap in a package, they can be put in two or three at a time. Likewise for diapers, a very popular item. Please be aware of the impact of extreme temperatures, heat and cold, on stocked food.

1. Items to Avoid

– Homemade foods
– Opened Packages
– Canned foods (when the cans are likely to freeze
–  Glass containers
–  Sharp objects
–  Fresh vegetables
–  Frozen foods
–  Expired foods
– Alcohol

2. Non- Perishable Foods

–  Whole-Grain Bread
–  Canned Tuna
–  Canned Fruit
–  Canned Beans
–  Canned Chicken
–  Canned Chili
–  Soup
–  Trail Mix
–  Honey
–  Applesauce
–  Nuts
–  Tortillas
–  Cereal
–  Peanut Butter
–  Mac and Cheese (box)
–  Whole-Grain Pasta (box)
–  Whole-Grain Rice
–  Dried Fruit
–  Dried Beans
–  Oatmeal
–  Granola

3. Personal Hygiene

–  Feminine Care Products
–  Tampons
– Pads
– Bar Soap
–  Shampoo
–  Toilet Paper
–  Laundry Soap
–  Toothpaste
–  Toothbrush
–  Deodorant
–  Band-Aids
–  Individual Laundry
– Detergent Packages
–  Chapstick
–  First-aid Ointment

4. Baby Care

–  Diapers (all sizes)
–  Diaper Wipes
–  Baby Powder
–  Baby Shampoo
–  Vaseline

The Ampersand Pantry Project provides help to neighborhood residents who unexpectedly find themselves in need of essential food, diapers, or personal products for their family. The success of this project relies on food donations and tax deductible contributions from the community at large.

We thank you for any help you can give!


850 Edwards Ferry Road NE, Leesburg, VA
(between Plaza Street and Heritage Way)