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7 Ways to Use Your Cellphone to Document an Auto Accident

7 Ways to Use Your Cellphone to Document an Auto Accident

There is always great confusion at the scene of a car crash, especially after a serious accident. In those moments a cell phone can be a valuable tool. Following these 7 steps can help secure an insurance claim:

□ Call 911 to assist with any accident injuries.
□ Exchange name, address, and phone numbers with other drivers involved.
□ Exchange insurance information with other drivers, including company name, number, and policy number.
□ Get the license plate, make model, year, and color of the vehicles involved, plus photos.
□ Get witness names and phone numbers, plus photos and video if possible.
□ Get the Police Report number, and the police officer’s name and phone number.
□ Note the exact scene location (GPS can help).

Distraction is the primary cause of accidents in Virginia, so we recommend that you NEVER text and drive. If you are in an serious auto accident or truck accident that results in an injury, you will likely need a lawyer to help you get proper compensation from all of the insurance companies involved.

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