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5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Here are a few ideas that will help you WOW your Valentine!  

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many of us are looking for ways to show our special someone just how much they mean to us. Roses, chocolates, and flowers are pretty standard fare for February 14th, and while those gifts can be lovely to give and receive, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique to surprise your valentine with, we’re here to help! 

Photo Puzzles

Photo puzzles are a really fun gift if you want a creative way to show your valentine that they are the missing piece to your puzzle. You can turn a cute selfie of you and your sweetheart or a photo from a special memory that you’ve shared into a one-of-a-kind-keepsake. And then you can plan a fun afternoon piecing the puzzle together! 

Star Maps

One cool new gift trend is creating a unique star map of what the night sky looked like on a particular meaningful date. Each star map is created to depict the exact constellations and stars visible on your chosen date, from whatever location you’d like. Framing the map and hanging it on the wall can be a lovely reminder of a special event or anniversary.

Coffee/Tea/Ice Cream of the Month

Surprise your special someone with a year-long gift of their favorite treat! There are many companies that offer monthly deliveries of just about any food or beverage you can imagine: coffee, steak, whisky, ice cream — you name it, and chances are you’ll be able to surprise your loved one with a delivery of one of their favorite things once a month for a year.

Plant a Tree 

If your valentine is someone who loves flowers or has a green thumb, one great alternative to the traditional gift of cut flowers is a flowering potted plant, or even a tree or bush to plant in the yard. That way your valentine will long enjoy its beauty, and can think of you all year round when they see your garden-gift growing and thriving.

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

Why buy a standard box of Valentine’s Day chocolates when you can make your own truffles with your sweetheart? This is a great present for a valentine who loves to bake, and can be a fun activity to do together. You’ll not only have some delicious sweet treats to share, but an excuse to spend time together in the kitchen whipping them up!

Whoever your valentine may be, all of us at Burnett & Williams wish you a happy day spent with people you love.