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5 Reasons Being a Designated Driver is Amazing

5 Reasons Being a Designated Driver is Amazing

While tonight might be one to remember, getting home should be entirely forgettable.

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Whether ushering in the new year or celebrating life’s milestones, happy memories depend upon arriving home safely. Before going out for libations tonight, make sure you have a transportation plan. Volunteering to be the designated driver is nothing short of heroic, but not necessarily a sacrifice. Consider these perks of the job:

1. Save Lives

29 People die every day in the U.S., more than one every hour, in crashes involving drunk drivers – CDC. As the designated driver, you can keep yourself and you friends alive, and though they may not think of it, their loved ones will also continue to have them in their lives, due to your generous and responsible action.

2. No Hangover, No Regrets

You may have to try a little harder to locate your social confidence, but you’ll actually be wittier, and you won’t spend the next day nibbling saltines with the shades down, while reliving your less-than-stellar moments. Along with your friends’ respect, you might also gain the distinction of ‘event historian’, depending on how raucous things may have gotten the night before.

3. Save Money

As the DD, you’re exempt from picking up rounds. These things can get expensive at $10 a pop. Pay yourself for the drinks you don’t have, and if you must empty your wallet, this is a good time to fund that meaningful cause or resolution.

4. Really Have Fun

Be honest, we already know this, but scientific evidence suggests that there’s an early threshold where more alcohol actually begins to work against the magnanimous goal of having a good time. Besides, everyone including you, will have more fun knowing that the necessity of getting home is in good hands.

5. Be a Hero

You may not be vanquishing villains, but your friends and loved ones will be grateful for an uneventful ride home. Feel free to wear a cape.

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