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Recreational boating is a popular pastime and there are numerous types of boats available for hire including cruise ships, casino boats, and fishing charters.  There are also numerous private pleasure craft on virtually every body of water in the state.  In addition to boats, personal watercrafts have become quite popular and are found virtually everywhere.

Boating accidents happen under a variety of circumstances.   Recreational boating has become extremely popular as our population has increased.  As a boat accident virginiaresult, there are now more boat versus boat collisions and boat versus personal watercraft collisions than ever before.  Recreational boats may also hit channel markers or sand bars causing injury to its occupants.  Obviously alcohol and boats are a dangerous combination.  On cruise ships, elevators frequently mislevel causing unsuspecting visitors to fall out of the elevator and injure themselves.  Casino boats and fishing charters and even sometimes large cruise ships can choose to head out to sea in extremely dangerous weather, unnecessarily endangering the safety of the passenger.  On board fires or even sinking ships can also cause injury.

If you have been injured while boating, we may be able to help you bring a claim against the operator and owner of the vessel.  Commercial vessels tend to carry insurance.  Private vessels are often insured under a policy of insurance purchased specifically to cover the boat, or sometimes by the owner’s homeowner’s insurance. Please call Burnett & Williams at 703-777-1650 for specific answers to your concerns if you have been involved in a boating accident.