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New national data shows school bus-related accidents send almost 20,000 U.S. children to emergency rooms each year. Nearly one-fourth of the accidents occur when children are boarding or leaving school buses, while crashes account for 42% of accidents.  Slips and falls on buses, getting jostled when buses stop or turn suddenly, and injuries from roughhousing are among other ways kids get hurt on school buses. Injuries range from cuts and sprains to broken bones, but most are not life-threatening and don’t require hospitalization. And while the numbers are higher than previously reported, they represent a small fraction of the 23.5 million children who travel on school buses nationwide each year. Researchers say the results provide a strong argument for requiring safety belts on school buses; something industry groups say is unnecessary and is more than many school districts can afford.  Whichever way the debate moves toward, it is vital that you immediately speak with an experienced personal injury attorney if your child has been involved in a school bus accident. Call Burnett & Williams at 703-777-1650 for expert advice.